About my Homecoming Mums & Garters

They'll love wearing them. You'll love giving them.

common questions

Do you make mums & garters for MY school?

Yes. I can make a mum or garter with any of these colors: navy blue, royal blue, purple, hunter green, columbia blue, golden yellow, white, silver, gold, black, orange, burgundy, burnt orange & ROSE GOLD. (I also have some "non-traditional" color ribbons)

My senior mums & garters are traditional white & silver, but if you want white & gold, I can do that, too. Or senior mums & garters in non-traditional colors.

I primarily serve Boerne & surrounding area schools and many San Antonio Schools: Boerne High School, Champion High School, Geneva School of Boerne, Comfort High School, Bandera High School, Blanco High School, Canyon Lake High School, Smithson Valley High School, Johnson High School (San Antonio), Reagan High School (San Antonio), New Braunfels High School.

How big are your homecoming mums & garters?

All of my mums & garters feature a full streamer "skirt", making them hang straight & slightly wider than most typical mums.

~Full length LONG mum streamers are cut 34-36" long and the total length of a single flower mum is about 43-44".

  • Standard flower size is 6.5".
  • Larger & smaller flowers are available.
  • Multiple flowers & specialty shapes & sizes available.

~SHORT mum streamers are cut 24" and the total length of a single flower mum is about 34".

  • Standard flower size is 5.5".
  • Larger flowers are also available.

~GARTER streamers are cut 18" long and the total length of a typical garter is about 28".

  • Standard flower size is 5.5".
  • Larger & smaller flowers are available.
  • Multiple flowers & specialty shapes & sizes available.

9.5" flower, multiple flower & specialty mums & garters streamers are cut the same lengths as above, but overall length will be longer. Most of these will be wider as well.

What is INCLUDED on your mums & garters?

The description of each mum or garter product in my store lists what is included for that style. On each product page, you can add some decorations & customize. You can also add a large selection of add-on items & upgrades as well as custom made decorations & elements.

There is a list of standard mum & garter features if you scroll further down this page.

Will you custom make my homecoming mum or garter?

Yes. Totally.

All of my mums & garters are made to order.

First select your base style. On your chosen product page, you can select all the options you want including adding sports trinkets, plush bears & mascots, monograms and custom names. You can choose additional decorations and embellishments HERE. These will really make your mums or garter special and unique.

For even more customizations beyond what I typically offer, you can email or text me to let you know what you want. I can then quote you a price for your specific customizations and you can add them to your order HERE.

When ordering any mum or garter, you can provide special instructions.

I do offer a small selection of ready made design samples. These are already made and are sold "as-is" so you can't add anything to them except your custom name(s). If I am sold out for your homecoming date, these are great for a "last minute" purchase.

Can I send you a photo of the mum or garter that I want?

Sure. If it's a photo of a mum or garter that I made, I'm happy to recreate it for you. Though there may be some differences.

If you send me a photo of a mum or garter that I did NOT make, chances are, I know who did make it and I'm happy to help you get you in touch with them so they can create the mum you want.

Otherwise, I am happy to use the photo as "inspiration" to make you a mum or garter in my style but, know that it won't be the same. It helps greatly if you let me know what specifically you like about the mum in the photo.

I don't know exactly WHAT I want or WHO I'm buying for yet.

I've got you covered!

You can make a paid reservation. It's kind of like putting it on "layaway".

A reservation will "hold you a spot" so you can order later, once you know WHO your buying for and WHAT you (or they) want.

With a reservation, you don't have to worry that I might sell out and stop taking orders before you know what you want to order.

When you ARE ready to order (before the reservation deadline) you can place your order using your reservation coupon code. The fee you paid for the reservation will be deducted from the cost of your order. So making a reservation doesn't cost you any extra.


You can purchase a gift card and give it to whoever you like. They can then order what they want.

Classic Homecoming mums & garters~ 3 classic styles

Essential Style

A very nice entry level mum or garter. Simple but elegant.


WOW! Factor

Loaded Style

An upgraded mum or garter with some braids & bling.


WOW! Factor

Deluxe Style

A higher upgraded mum with fancy braids, bling & more


WOW! Factor

Make their Senior year something to remember!

  • Senior MUMS available in all 3 classic styles & specialty styles
  • Senior GARTERS available as Essential, Loaded & Specialty styles.
  • made in white with silver for High School Seniors at ANY school
  • multiple flower options also available

When you wanna give something outta this world!

Texas Shaped Homecoming Mum

Because everything is better when it's shaped like Texas.

Paw Shaped Mum OR Garter

Show your pride in your school mascot.

Cascading Flowers Homecoming Mum

This Trendy Elegance will turn heads!

Homecoming Mum & Garter Benefits

  • Large, Full “fresh look” flowers.

  • Exclusive handmade flower decoration representing your school or senior

  • Uniquely decorated flower backers

  • Custom flower embellishments available such as player numbers, monograms & graphics (please order early)

  • Huge variety of unique imprinted ribbons that are not found at craft stores

  • Creative & original decorations & braids that are not found on typical mums

  • Large variety of unique decorative ribbons & streamers

  • Custom cut lettering for names & messages in decorative fonts

  • Trending color choices in addition to traditional school colors and Senior white

  • I offer a large variety of add-on items such as plush bears & mascots, sports decorations, braids & bling

  • I offer a variety of flower sizes and hand colored or glitter flower upgrades

  • Unique eye catching design and lasting quality construction

  • choose unique customizations to make your mum or garter special and "one-of-a-kind"