About my Homecoming Mums & Garters

They'll love wearing them. You'll love giving them.

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Classic Homecoming mums & garters~ 3 classic styles

Essential Style

A very nice entry level mum or garter. Simple but elegant.


WOW! Factor

Loaded Style

An upgraded mum or garter with some braids & bling.


WOW! Factor

Deluxe Style

A higher upgraded mum with fancy braids, bling & more


WOW! Factor

Make their Senior year something to remember!

  • Senior MUMS available in all 3 classic styles & specialty styles
  • Senior GARTERS available as Essential, Loaded & Specialty styles.
  • made in white with silver or gold for High School Seniors at ANY school
  • multiple flower options also available

When you wanna give something outta this world!

Texas Shaped Homecoming Mum

Because everything is better when it's shaped like Texas.

Paw Shaped Mum OR Garter

Show your pride in your school mascot.

Cascading Flowers Homecoming Mum

This Trendy Elegance will turn heads!

Do you DIY?

Going to make it yourself this year?? Visit our store for everything you need.

Boerne CraftWerks ~ 725 N. Main St, Boerne

The Benefits you get with a mum or garter from us

  • Large, Full “fresh look” flowers.

  • Exclusive handmade flower decoration representing your school or senior

  • Uniquely decorated flower backers

  • Custom flower embellishments available such as player numbers, monograms & graphics (please order early)

  • Huge variety of unique imprinted ribbons that are not found at craft stores

  • Creative & original decorations & braids that are not found on typical mums

  • Large variety of unique decorative ribbons & streamers

  • Custom cut lettering for names & messages in decorative fonts

  • Trending color choices in addition to traditional school colors and Senior white

  • I offer a large variety of add-on items such as plush bears & mascots, sports decorations, braids & bling

  • I offer a variety of flower sizes and hand colored or glitter flower upgrades

  • Unique eye catching design and lasting quality construction

  • choose unique customizations to make your mum or garter special and "one-of-a-kind"