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DOUBLE/DOUBLE Deluxe Homecoming Mum -School Colors OR SENIOR -CUSTOM

A boy & girl dressed bears! What a cute couple! Senior White or school colors.
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The Double/Double Homecoming Mum

As the name implies, this is a double flower Mum with two bears. It is an upgraded mum with lots of extras included. It features:

  • TWO 6.5" full white mum flowers
  • TWO dressed Bears- one boy, one girl
  • exclusive handmade flower embellishment representing your school
  • very full skirt with lots of streamers (long) in school colors OR SENIOR white
  • fancy metallic ribbons
  • unique imprinted ribbons
  • TWO braid or braid like elements
  • Looped streamer for girl's name
  • boy's name on a regular streamer
  • bells
  • bows
  • extra fancy garnishes &/or garlands
  • ONE Custom name is included on a LOOPED streamer and a second name included on a regular streamer
  • hand steamed chandelle feather Boa
  • hangs comfortably around the neck

Additional text purchased are on a regular streamers.

Made in traditional school colors OR SENIOR white

*For design purposes and uniqueness, elements may vary.

SEE More add-on elements and upgrades

*Mum Photos are Examples only & may include added items.

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