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Paw Print deluxe Homecoming Mum - Custom

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Flowers arranged in a paw print to show off your Mascot pride!
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NEW! Paw Print Homecoming Mum

The Paw Print mum really shows your school spirit! This is the Homecoming Mum that will really stand out from the crowd. Available in school colors.

*note: This mum must be ordered at least 2 weeks before your homecoming (for local delivery) due the the extra time needed for it's construction.

The Paw Print Deluxe Homecoming Mum has all the bells and whistles that your looking for. It includes:

  • Features a paw print shape on the flowered top
  • made with 1 full white 6.5" and 4ea. 4.5" mum flowers
  • full, wide skirt with an abundance of ribbon streamers. Fancy metallic, decorative & regular.
  • 2 premium braids or braid like elements
  • 1 premium looped streamer for girl's name
  • 1 wide streamer for boy's name
  • 1 chandelle boa
  • marabou boa around & within the paw shape
  • handmade flower embellishment representing school or senior
  • bells
  • handmade bows
  • fancy garnishes, garlands & embellishments
  • hangs comfortably around the neck

Can also be done for SENIORS in white and silver.

*This mum has additional shipping charges

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