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ROSE GOLD Senior Homecoming Mum - blush, champagne. Ivory or white- Custom

2 flower sizes, white or ivory. The ultimate is luxurious style!
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NEW! Rose Gold Senior Homecoming Mum

The Hottest New Trend and Color for Senior Homecoming Mums. This lavish mum is done in plush Ivory/Cream OR White with Rose Gold/Blush & champagne with opulent gold accents. Created with fancy ribbons including burlap & lace.

This Rose Gold Homecoming MUM is a DELUXE style MUM in that it is the higher upgraded mum with additional extras & upgraded elements which generally includes:
  • Single 6.5" full mum flower. 7.5" & 9.5" flower also available
  • Ivory + Rose gold mums will have a cream flower, White + rose gold mums will have a white flower. All 9.5" flowers will be white.
  • extra full skirt with lots of streamers in Ivory or white plus rose gold & champagne
  • handmade flower embellishments
  • upgraded decorative flower trim with fancy garnish
  • fancy shabby chic ribbons
  • TWO premium braids or braid like elements
  • ONE looped streamer with name - second name on plain streamer
  • 4 bells
  • shabby chic & rose gold garnishes, garland & bling
  • hand steamed heavy Feather Boa (chandelle)
  • optional plush bear
  • Two names are included.
*For design purposes & uniqueness, elements may vary.

*Mum Photos are Examples only & may include add-on items not included on base model.

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