Mum & Garter Reservations

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A Reservation will "hold" you a "spot" to order a homecoming mum or garter even if your homecoming date is sold out. A reservation is NOT REQUIRED to purchase a homecoming mum or garter.

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Your School *This can NOT change when ordering your mum/garter
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Purchasing a Reservation

  • I only accept reservations for our local area schools: Champion, Boerne, Geneva, Canyon Lake, Smithson Valley, Comfort, Johnson, Reagan. Local pickup only.

  • A Reservation is for ONE mum or garter. One reservation=One mum/garter. If you need to reserve more than one mum/garter, you must purchase a reservation for EACH mum/garter you will be ordering. (Limit 2) You can NOT make a single reservation and purchase multiple mums/garters if I am sold out for your date.

    Please do not purchase more than TWO reservations.

  • If I am NOT sold out when you order your reserved mum/garter, you may purchase additional items WITH your reserved mum/garter. I am sold out when your school no longer appears under the "school" option selection.

  • You may purchase a paid reservation below. They are $25 EACH. Quantities are limited. Limit TWO per customer, please. Your $25 will be deducted when you place your order by using your code.

  • Very important: your reservation is for your selected School ONLY and CAN NOT BE CHANGED when you order & purchase your mum/garter.

  • You will create an 8 character code. (use #'s and letters only, please, and try to use not more than 8 characters) This will be your RESERVATION CODE and will function as a coupon code when you order your mum. Using this code at checkout will deduct your $25 fee from your order. Don't forget your code. It will be on your receipt email.

  • You will pay sales tax on your reservation(s).

  • Reservations payments & checkout are processed using Paypal. You DO NOT need to be a registered Paypal user. (use checkout without a paypal account)

  • The Shopping bag displayed at the top of this page is not used for the purchase of reservations.

Deadline For Ordering Your Mum With a Reservation.

Your reservation code will EXPIRE on this date.

Reservations may NOT be purchased AFTER we have sold out for your date.

HoCo DateSchoolPurchase by:
2021 date coming soonBoerne HS
2021 date coming soonComfort HS
2021 date coming soonCanyon Lake HS, Johnson HS
2021 date coming soonGeneva School, Champion HS
2021 date coming soonSmithson Valley HS
2021 date coming soonReagan HS