Return Policy

Please consider all sales final.
Mums are event specific items and may not be returned/refunded if started or completed. I will do anything reasonable to insure you are satisfied with your purchase but you must contact me immediately. Requests for returns/refunds must be made immediately upon picking up your order and you will sign that you accept the items.

Returns/refunds MUST be approved in advance and may have conditions. Order cancellations cannot be accepted after I have sold out for your homecoming date OR after your order has been started or complete.

NO refunds will be made after your homecoming date.

Cancellations can only be accepted if I have not yet made or started your mum(s) or garter(s).

Please try not to make changes after your order has been placed. If you choose to make changes in your order AFTER your order has been placed, I will do my very best to accommodate your changes. No refunds will be made if the change is to REMOVE any item(s) for which you paid extra. If you choose to ADD something that costs extra, you must pay any balance due prior to delivery. Some changes may not be possible after your order has been made. Some changes may result in an additional change fee if they involve deconstructing & reconstructing any part of your mum/garter. ***All mums & garters are made solely from the information you provide ON THE ORDER ONLY. Do not rely on emails, texts, messages or conversations.

I may not be able to accommodate order changes that result in a "date needed" change or homecoming date change, especially if the date is moved sooner than originally ordered. You will be responsible for notifying me of your homecoming/need date change, even if that date is posted anywhere on this website. Changes in homecoming date or "need by" date may result in cancellation of your order.

Reservation fees are never refundable for any reason.

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